Our Core Values


 Our mission, as Anchor Baptist Church, is to glorify God by...

  • proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community and throughout the world

  • obeying the commission of Christ to make disciples of all men

  • God-honoring, Biblically sound worship

  • the edification and equipping of all believers through Biblically purposed fellowship

  • Spirit-enabled preaching of the Word of God

  • our obedience to His Word

  • showing our dependency upon Him through prayer

 A relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important aspect of life.

 He not only offers... 

  • salvation from sin

  • the restoration of fellowship with a Holy, Righteous God

  • peace and hope for the hurting

  • rest to the weary

  • and friendship in times of trouble

It is our desire that you come to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

  • The Gospel ("good news") is the person and work of Jesus Christ.

  • When one confesses his sin before God, turns from and rejects his sin, and places his faith in Jesus' death and resurrection, the Bible says that a person is "born again."

  • That relationship once severed by man's sin is fully and completely restored by Jesus Christ.

  • The debt we owed to God for our sin was once and for all paid by His Son. 

  • At salvation, we are no longer under the wrath of God. We are His adopted children.

  • The Spirit of God resides within our minds and hearts and authenticates us as God's own. 

  • We begin to grow and mature day by day by immersing ourselves in God's Word.


 Our desire is to be Christ-centered in our corporate worship

  • There is a mixture of new and old hymns, choruses, and songs all done in a way the exalts Christ and not ourselves.

  • Worship through music should never be done in a way which the distinction between Biblical truth and worldly entertainment is blurred.

  • If you love Christ-centered music, come join us.


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